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my project is about movies. There’s a small Notion database I’ve created with movies I like where I can add items along with any kind of information I want like title, year, tags, cover etc. It’s a convenient place to keep this kind of information and it also allows to access data through API.


  • The initial view is basically a list of all movies displayed in form of cards based on data fetched through Notion API.
  • User is able to filter movies displayed by tags and genres. For example “serial” + “mystery”.
  • Every movie card is a link to subpage which contains an artwork and a description of a selected movie. Because this data is not present in the Notion database, it’s fetched from TMDB through it’s API by querying by the title and year.
  • Project is deployed on Netlify and uses it’s Serverless Functions. Here the actual communication with the APIs is happening (which helps to hide API keys).
  • Application has a page where user can submit a movie or serial recommendation.
  • Submitted recommendations are then sent via email using Nodemailer and Netlify Serverless Functions
  • Appearance mode toggle allows to switch between dark and light modes. It uses Lottie for React

There were a lot of challenges but also it was super interesting to go through and build all the functionalities one by one. This project taught me a lot about pretty every technology and tool used along the way. It also definitely has shown how large is the room for improvement still remains.

More at GitHub Repo

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