Movies App using Flutter - Looking for Feedbacks

This is a Flutter-based mobile application that allows users to explore and discover movies using the Movies API. The app utilises the BLoC (Business Logic Component) architecture pattern for efficient state management and separation of concerns. I’m looking for some feedbacks on this project, it can be from code changes to UI/UX changes.

Showcase Video
Source code on GitHub.


Hey Daksh, this app looks great, very professional.

One typo - on the home screen it should say “Latest movies” (not lateset)

What are the latest movies in this row? Latest ones viewed, added to the database, etc?

On the individual movie view, the movie poster image doesn’t have the original aspect ratio, it looks stretched wide.

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Hey @jameskeezer first of all thanks for giving this feedback and the compliment too.

Wow, Yes I just noticed the typo there too. Will correct it now.

Added to database. Actually I’ve found a better free api maybe in future I will make another app or edit this one itself.

You mean here?

It’s funny idk why I did this typo here both the variable declaration and variable name had this typo :joy:

Prob fixed :white_check_mark:

That’s the “home” view I think. This is the view I meant:


I took a screenshot of the same portion of the movie poster for The Dark Knight, and it looks like this:

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Oh yes I see. I’ll try to fix this.