Movies App Locally - Rails and Gem Versions?

Hi, I’ve just finished the Rails course and want to create the Movies App from scratch on my computer. I have installed all the latest versions of the software (Rails, Bundler, etc.), but then checked the versions in the course and found out they are completely different (older). Should I use exactly the course’s versions of software and reinstall my environemnt accordingly? Or it’s ok to have the newest versions and potential problems they can cause are likely to be fixed without exessive efforts and days of debugging?

Thank you!
ps (not sure I’m posting this question to the right category, please correct me if there is a more suitable thread)

Hi @grelllllllllli,

It’s usually better to use the newer version of software. It’s unlikely to change anything here, so I’d recommend keeping the latest versions that you have already installed.

Let me know if you run into any problems and need help!

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