Movie recommendation program - IMDB Top 100 (graphs)

My program is called ‘Movie Advice’. It can recommend a movie based on a movie you like.
The program operates on a database of 100 top rated movies on IMDB. Since the database is pretty small, of course, the utility is limited, but most movies in it still have similar ones (about 85% I believe).

The algorithm is pretty basic, it doesn’t take into account complex parameters, like two movies both being about superheroes, or about WWII or made by the same studio. That’s why the result, albeit usually pretty decent, may sometimes not be perfect.

The program uses graph data structure to find similar movies. I believe it is a bit of an overkill, but it was fun to implement.
You can check out the code on Github: Beginning/Projects/Recommendation Program at main · Oxiplegatz/Beginning · GitHub
And read my post about the project on Medium:
Movie Recommendation Program. Hello! This is a post describing my… | by Alexey K | Jun, 2022 | Medium