MOVE project, cannot make the image into responsive

I don’t know what css style should I use in order to remove the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the site. I tried to review the previous project but cannot find it. Hope someone can guide me.

You can remove the scrollbar by adding:

overflow-x: hidden;

to CSS.

I never wanted to hide the scrollbar, so I want to know why is there a huge whitespace when scrolling horizontally, but background being responsive when resizing preview window, and there is no problem in full screen either.

.container { width: 940px;} to
.container {width:100%}
seems to solve this one, and there is no need to hide scrollbar.

I also seem to have problem with the paragraph I added to main section. It keeps moving as I resize or switch to full screen. Using absolute position and auto margins don’t seem to solve this.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I am not sure how, but I managed to fix this. I have changed a lot of values, in the default code.


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