Move it on back


Currently on "Move it on back" but I do not believe the result is correct even though it is noting completion. When I input a word it does not move the letters or place it all in lowercase.

Console result:

Enter a word: Python

pyg = 'ay'

original = raw_input('Enter a word:')

if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha():
    word = original.lower()
    first = word[0]
    new_word = word + first + pyg
    print original
    print 'empty'


you still print original at the end, if you want to see the translation, print new_word instead


Would you want to print the original or the new_word?


i am not sure its wanting, the exercise isn't focusing on print new_word until you placed the first letter at the end, which in the next exercise, original is still left from earlier exercise


When moving to the next lesson it notes that "Well done! However, now we have the first letter showing up both at the beginning and near the end."

I am not seeing that result,


Ah, I believe this was the issue.



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