I am in an unhappy mood and I just wanted to know how others keep their motivation high. I am not a young man and sometimes I asked my self if all this has a meaning. Anyway I try not to give up. I don’t think that with fifty can I work as a web developer but I love coding and if I finished this path, well, it would be great. Happy coding. And Carpe Diem.

I hear you. It’s tough. Especially when it gets frustrating w/debugging or understanding new coding concepts. Learning to think computationally takes time. When you get stuck learn to take breaks and walk away from the computer–do something else and engage your brain that way, and then return to learning. Also, don’t rely on one resource to learn. If you don’t understand how a concept is explained, do some research and find a resource that you do understand.

Age is a number. Yes, I think it’s more difficult to obtain a tech job as one gets older (b/c age discrimination happens, yet it’s difficult to prove, legally), but it’s not impossible. If you really want to be a developer, then keep at it. As you learn more, create a portfolio of projects (that aren’t from the CC curriculum) of things that interest you. If you’re excited about something you’ve built, then it shows when you talk about it to someone in an interview. If there are any tech Meetup groups near you, or online check those out too. You might find people with similar interests & challenges.

Also, search here. There are many posts that are similar to this one and lots of great advice from other learners and professionals of all levels. I wish you luck! :technologist:


Danke. Thank you for your answer. And you are right, sometimes dreams come true. I’ll do my best. So, I get back on my feet and follow my dreams.

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