Most Fundamental Coding Languages to Learn for Beginners


I have just completed the HTML course and was wondering which language would be the best to learn next. Feedback appreciated!


html = structure of webpage
css = styling and positioning elements on webpage
js = make your website interactive

after learning html do css, followed by JS (javascript)


Thank you so much! This helps out a lot. :grinning:


unless of course you don’t want to build a website, but what you should learn depends on what you want to build


I am going to start out building websites then I want to learn C++ and C#.


They are very different from HTML, CSS and JS… what are you hoping to achieve by learning these?


I am want to learn HTML, CSS, and JS as a backup and it seems easier to understand. C# is the main focus though.



JS(?) is easier to understand than… HTML/CSS? They’re used for different things, so that’s kind of irrelevant.

Why C# though?


I thought HTML, CSS, and JS all connected to each other so I thought it would be easy to understand them. I haven’t experienced with JS at all so please correct me if I’m wrong. I want to learn C# because it deals with game development (not 100% sure if it does; correct me if I’m wrong). And I wanted my knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS skills as a backup if my game development career doesn’t take off.


Now I understand more. You’re correct on all accounts; HTML/CSS make up the webpage, JS adds interaction and makes it dynamic. C# is used in game development often.

Good plan.


Thanks! That means a lot coming from a moderator :grinning:.