More of "Learn Java"

Why isn’t there more stuff in this course? Like animations and stuff? It’s pretty useless to know all this stuff if you can’t make anything with it. I think there should be more added including animations, graphics and even making a window to begin with.

This course seems to be still in progress and new parts are planned.

Its a very new course dude, Java is vast. This is literally just an introduction that can be finished in a day if you really wanted. Look online or grab some books for more indepth information. I am using HeadFirst Java and I highly recommend it, it has a lot of commented code and challenges plus a good laymen breakdown of every kind of terminology. Its like 600 pages of gold. Did code academy and that at the same time and I am so confident now in my basic skills.

(Not a sales pitch but just me telling you what works for me. check reviews on amazon :stuck_out_tongue: )