More of 'Classes'


I am a beginner and am doing fine with all the lessons except 'Classes'. The exercises are doable but i am not confident on this topic yet. Can you help me with any source where i can learn more and be thorough with this topic as it seems important. Thanks and Happy Coding!


Classes are something you can easily leave out until you find yourself needing them.
All you need to know until then is that they define how their instances behave, they are blueprints for objects.
If you just use the rest of the language for now, you'll indirectly learn more about classes as the language itself uses them heavily.
Small programs typically only need lists and dicts to manage their data.


I can't answer you question, but I would like point out for anyone that has missed it - Codecademy has some external resources at:

in the Syllabus tab

at the end of nearly each chapter.

Also after you finish the course, these are recomended:



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