More Game Dev

I would like to see more options for learning game development on Codecademy. As of now, there’s really only the Phaser.js stuff, which is fun, but I would like to see something more relevant to non-browser based game dev.

I think there is real potential for an amazing Game Development Career Path, or maybe a C# and Unity skill path. Maybe even something about developing mods.

Anyone else agree or have other ideas?

I agree with you. But I think that might not be possible because Unity is a paid platform and probably it cannot be used like anything else we do on codecademy (learning, coding in the editor in the middle and output on the right side). How could unity be integrated in a browser to be used by us?
Also languages have modules to present a GUI application to make and play games. How would a gui be opened on our screen from the terminal at the codecademy site.
I fear that a course or skill path with terminal based games is the only possible thing that can be added to codecademy.

C++ and unreal engine as well. browser stuff is kind of kids games its the lowest common denominator make more higher quality stuff.

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The way I imagine it, most of the on-platform things would be in relation to scripting, and how to actually write the code involved, whereas the projects would primarily be off-platform. In these off-platform courses, Codecademy could provide art assets like how they do in the Phaser.js projects, or how they provide images for the off-platform web dev projects.

If Codecademy couldn’t make a Unity or Unreal skill path or course work because of licensing, Godot is a free and open source game engine, which may be a good alternative!


Yes, Godot would be a good alternative. But showing the GUI window as the output in lessons would be really hard task. That was all my point there.

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