More Daily Challenges

I know that 30 day challenge is annoying enough for some people, but I think it would be cool if we had more challenges, like 60, 90, 120, etc. In my opinion, this would make Codecademy give more goals. For me, it’s difficult to code everyday with out a goal, and if I set a personal goal that doesn’t send reminders everyday, I forget to work towards the goal.

Another thing I think would be cool is if you added challenges for completing certain courses within a limited time. Both these things would add optional challenge for those who want it, and are very involved in Codecademy.

Do you want more optional challenges in Codecademy?
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Let me know your opinion in the comments!

I would strongly disagree with this one, though I can understand where the idea is coming from. :slight_smile:

We occasionally see someone here on the forums who wants to know how long ${insert course here} will take to complete, or how the “estimated completion” time was calculated to see if a course could be done quicker.

On every occasion, my response - alongside several other of the longstanding members here - is always the same: self-learning is not a race. The focus should always be on “have I absorbed the material”, not “did I smash that lesson in under 20 minutes”. :slight_smile:


I had not thought about that before I wrote the post :joy: I guess you are right about that :joy:

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if you are looking for a challenge, I recommend you look into this!


I had looked at that before, but unfortunately I’m not 16 yet :sob:

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ah… well! You can still go to their archive, and try to solve past years problems :smiley: