More complex Java


Anyone knows if Codecademy is introducing an intermediate or advanced training for Java?

#2 so according to the official blog 3rd post down from the top, you can see what the official plans are for releasing/updating courses are as of right now. (this was just recently updated even though it says it was posted almost a year ago)

Released — Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript new course releases

Wednesday July 12th, 2017 — Ruby will be transitioned to new interface
Summer 2017 — Python will be transitioned to new interface
Summer 2017 — Learn jQuery new course release
Fall 2017 — PHP and Make an Interactive Website course sunsetting

As you can see Java is not seemingly on the agenda for any changes. However, @danieloduffy, the community manager for Codecademy, can weigh in a little on your question for an official answer :smiley:


We are building more courses, including more advanced courses, all the time. We officially announced our newest free course on responsive design yesterday. As for other languages, we'll be listening to feedback from the community and needs that we perceive in the market in general when we prioritize what we build in the future. Java is definitely on that list of considerations, but it may not be ranked higher than languages like JavaScript when it comes to what languages are most needed by newer developers.

Stay tuned – we'll always keep the community informed!


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