More C++ courses

So a while back I did the Learn C++ course on CodeCademy but felt it was missing a lot of useful information. Also, they only have one course compared to many other languages in CodeCademy’s catalog which have beginner, intermediate, and many more courses to them.

I was wondering if CodeCademy was thinking about adding more courses to the C++ section.
Some of these things could be:

  • Intermediate Course
  • Game Framework/Api Course (like SFML or OpenGL)
  • Learn how to make a windows app with Qt

There are more things which I think could improve but these are the steps in the right direction.
I don’t want to throw any hate to the C++ course already on CodeCademy (in fact I think It’s great!) but these are just a few improvements I think CodeCademy could make.

P.S. Also don’t teach people to use VScode for C++, teach them to use Visual Studio. It’s the industry standard and the best IDE out there (debatable but most people agree). C++ is a dream on Visual Studio, compared to VScode which for other things (like front-end web dev) works great, but for C++ you really shouldn’t really be using it, for anything other than EXTREMELY basic things.