In the tutorial is a link with "Sun, Earth and Moon". But if i open it, it has an error. I tried to solve the problem with the moon, but i can't do it. How do you spin the moon around the earth and the earth will spin around the sun as well?

Help my moon orbit my earth please!

make sure too set the moon orbit
top: 65%;
left: 65%;

div id='earth-orbit'>
div id='moon-orbit'>
img id="moon"
these have to be above the image link of your moon
hope this was helpful if not ill send you a link to my code for this!


I came to this forum to check something else entirely, but I actually had a similar thought while I was playing with the last step.. Anyways, I ended up tweaking quite a bit so the markup and styling is laid out slightly differently. You can see it here if you want.

Oh, and just a sidenote, I also misread the title at first.. But it actually says "Sun, Earth, and Code", not "Moon" (unless you're seeing that somewhere else that I missed?). :slightly_smiling:


I already had what you said and I have the separate ring and the moon is working but its not orbiting the earth. Please help


try out this cool spinning earth: