Moon orbit in Earth, Sun, and Code Project


I've gotten the hang of it, but I got a bug in my moon orbiting. I'm sure I got it before, but I need help. Please help!! I've tried so hard, just send me the code for a proper moon orbit. Thank you for listening! :grinning:


It would be useful to see your code, could you share your codebit by link?

Here's my simple codebit:


Thanks. Here's my codebit:

See the tiny squares by #larry? Those are supposed to be moons. But... they just don't orbit, like moons.

Thank you SO much. :smile:


I'm a bit late, but I think you might already have fixed the problem yourself!
I don't see the tiny squares and can't find #larry in your code, or is this your problem?
I'll make a fork where I'll try to add those moons.

Side note:
The link doesn't lead to your codebit, this one does however.


Try making the orbit line black so it looks like the earth is orbiting without a white string