Monty Python reference in Learn Python 3

I just finished Python 2 course in Codeacademy and I found out there’s many Monty Python (British Comedy Troupe) references. I want to ask, is it the same for Python 3 course?

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Ah! See, not many people know (or care, sadly) that Python was named in honor of Monty Python.

I am not 100% sure that there’s MP references, but, there are other pop cultural (read, tv shows–Buffy, Seinfeld, Broad City, etc.) references throughout the Python3 course as well as in other courses.

The devs who write these courses are real humans with a sense of humor. :slight_smile:
(And, IMO, if one is involved in programming one needs a sense of humor.)

Now, run away…or I shall taunt you for a second time. :joy: