Monitoring Progress as a coach

I’ve signed my son up as a codeacademy pro member (I signed up additionally to learn concurrently) Is there an efficient way for me to track his progress to coach him and keep him motivated. Optimally, Id like to be able to see whether he is meeting the goal number of sessions we established, how quickly hes progressing through each course and how hes doing on quizzes and projects.
In a perfect world, Id be able to have him authorize my sign-on as a coach and view it that way, but that functionality doesnt seem to exist. Is there a way to view all easily in one place via his login?

I don’t think they have that for individual memberships. But I’m pretty sure it’s available for businesses. You could just log in to his dashboard and see how he is doing on certain things.

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You can view your son’s progress if you’re logged in as him and click on the path or course he’s taking and view the syllabus to see what he’s accomplished/where he is in the course.

As a parent it is nice to know that our kids are setting and striving toward a goal, but we as the adults can spot an unrealistic goal when we see one. We should not be setting those goals for our kids, they should be the ones in charge of that. Our job is to reassure them they are setting intermediate goals that are within reach. It’s those first successes that will catapult them further, if they are genuinely interested.

If anything, we need to set the bar at its lowest, and stay with the very basics until it hurts before raising the bar, even one iota. They should be able to run circles around the stuff in their sleep before moving ahead. Every step should be a concentrated effort, repeated as many times as necessary until their fingers bleed (figure of speech). Don’t push. Motivate with their own successes. Be the adult and keep the brakes on.

Even at the basic levels there are still new problems we can come up with for the learner to solve. Keep up the drill.

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Just make sure they are enjoying it. If they are having fun they will learn. Otherwise what is the point? The cold reality of things is that learning programming is often a pipeline to a job…a job that could be very mundane and boring, kinda like accounting. It sounds silly to push a child to focus on their accounting more so they might become an accountant.