Monday Stuckage


Just not sure how to go forward, and wondering if I have been running it wrong as I don't see any outputs to the right aside from errors.

public class CarLoan {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
// this is code to track how much your car loan will be and is written in Java
    int carLoan = 10000;
    int loanLength = 3;
    int interestRate = 5;
    int downPayment = 2000;
    int carPrice = 20000;
    int carPayment;
	if (loanLength <= 0)
    System.out.println("Error! you must take out a valid car loan.");
 if (carPrice > downPayment)
    System.out.println("Error! Your down payment is greater than or equal to the car are not very smart to proceed.");
   carPayment = carPrice - downPayment
   System.out.println("your payment is");



If you're getting error messages from the compiler or while running it, then you probably shouldn't expect any of your own output because your code didn't compile or crashed while running.

I suggest reading the first error message, google it if you don't understand it, fix it, complie and run again, repeat until errors are all dealt with.


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