Mole Unearther Step 8

Hi Everyone!

I’m having trouble with the following project - Mole Unearther

It is called Mole Unearther, in the Learn Javascript Functions and Scope module.

I am currently on Step 8, where I should be calling a previously added function to show a countdown timer. When I run the code I should see the timer counting down, but I don’t see a countdown or even a timer section.

The game screen has a white box in the top left corner where the timer should be, but I only see the Score, with no timer.

Step 2 indicates -
At the top of our GameScene.js file, let’s create a timeLeft variable and set it to 30 , which is the number of seconds we will allot for gameplay. It will be used to track how many seconds are left as the game progresses.

Step 3 indicates -
Next, the user will want to know how many points they have. Initialize a score variable and start the user off with 0 points.

I have added completed both steps by adding the code to the top of the file, like so -

let timeLeft = 30;

let score = 0;

Step 8 indicates to call a newly created function within another function to enable the countdown timer. I have added that code like so -

create() {
const updateTimer = () => {
** timeLeft -= 1;**
// executed after every second passes
const onSecondElapsed = () => {
if (isPaused === false) {
// display the new time to the user

Again with these added, I can see ‘Score’ but not ‘Timer’, and I see no running timer once I complete Step 8.

I assumed I was moving as required through the project but now that Step 8 calls for something that doesn’t seem to be happening, I’m unsure what I am missing or if there is perhaps even something wrong with the project/file?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is also my first time posting, so apologies if this is in the wrong forum or missing any needed info.

Thanks again!

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