can someone please explain me how the modulo works? I don’t really get how it works in Java…


Hi @pyramids ,

A modulo operation results in the remainder from dividing one number by another. The number that serves as the divisor is the modulus.

So, 17 % 4 yields a result of 1, because 4 divides into 17 by a full 4 times, with 1 left over.

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in addition to what @geomaticmashups has said take a look at this post to get an idea what the modulo operator does
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I keep doing 5%3 to get a remainder of 2, but it doesn’t work what up with that?

it should work

     System.out.println(5%3); //will give 2

Thanks for the help bro :slight_smile:

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The modulo is a greek word for mode. These are English only forums and we ask that you only ask for help in English.
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