i just defined the function such is in hint, but it shows me err, why??

import {availableAirplanes, flightRequirements, meetsStaffRequirements, meetsSpeedRangeRequirements} from './airplane';

function displaySpeedRangeStatus(){};

function displayFuelCapacity(){
 availableAirplanes.forEach(function(element){console.log('Fuel Capacity of'':'+element.fuelCapacity);});
import {availableAirplanes, flightRequirements, meetsStaffRequirements} from './airplane';

function displayStaffStatus(){
  availableAirplanes.forEach(function(element){console.log( + 'meets staff requirements: ' + meetsStaffRequirements(element.availableStaff,  flightRequirements.requiredStaff ));


There should only be one import statement (at top) so this one can be removed.


THank youuuuuuuuuu!!!;*


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