Module problems on Codecademy

Codecademy really needs to update their modules. I commend the creators of the Java, Html&Css, Sql, and Javascript modules. These work well and have been useful in understanding the topic much better. However the Python module is horribly constructed and doesn’t help in terms of understanding Python any better. As a matter of fact it is better used as a programming obstacle course than a learning tool. It really does nothing to help one UNDERSTAND the functionality of python commands. There are also a number of useless lessons there.
The Command line Module was one I was looking forward to UNTIL I reached the 5th section of the first module and the simple “ch…” command which I was prompted to use didn’t work. This is really ridiculous and I feel that despite the first modules I mentioned which worked that I have wasted time…especially on the Python module. I really was looking forward to completing all the modules but am starting to think that attempting to learn certain languages on Codecademy is a waste of time.

I disagree with this.

After the command line course (Which I had no previous knowledge) I found that I could easily navigate and manipulate directories at will.

I think the Python course is beautifully constructed, as it shows the sheer compactness and efficiency the language has to offer. This course is my favorite because it has a section for practicing. A section like that should be added for every other course, as it is an amazing way to apply your knowledge.