Modifying HTML Elements .after()


$(document).ready(function() {



Not working, copying and pasting other peoples code that they say did work isnt helping either.
No idea why this isnt working. Help?


Hi Evilcookie36,

Please post:

  1. A link to the exercise you're on
  2. The error message you're getting

so we can help you.


Use these ones: " " in stead of single quotes ' '

So the correct code should be:

$(document).ready(function () {


I'm a complete new paragraph!



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Why ? ' and " is the same....



Have you tried both options ?
And have you copied / pasted my code into your text editor?

It should work, At least it did with my code.

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@dubstepshadow is correct, ' and " work in the same way.


I'am having the same issue. The code above didn't work. My code that I attempted was the same as @evilcookie36


I looked at another thread for help and found this correct answer.

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