Modify Code Academy Go to include modules (that you know) and to skip known content

As stated, I don’t want to go over modulo or other arithmetic operators as an example. When 4 of my today courses include content that is nearly the same, I lose a lot of time and potential learning. Further, it would be nice if a SRS (spaced repetition system) was implemented. Since coding is mainly recalling and integrating logical systems to solve a problem, something like SRS would be a tremendous help. I can do this on my own but a streamlined approach integrated into the app would improve adherence, and course completion rates (imo).

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I think that if the content is the same it’s highlighted in the syllabus as “completed” and you don’t need to pass through it to read a new chapter.
An example:

This is my Syllabus for the backend engineer path, as you can see some lessons are already completed as I already followed them in the Learn Javascript course.

If I want to start a lesson, any lesson, I can just click on its title from the syllabus.

Does this help? Am I understanding correctly your problem?

I’m referring to the codeacademy GO app, not the content listed within the courses. The purpose of the GO app is to list modules or sections in bite sized pieces and then apply that information in some context. While the courses are to actual learn the content. The GO app mainly serves for reinforcement.

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Alright, never heard of it, nice :slight_smile: