Are moderators on codecademy humans? I just wondered how come they are so so patient.Thank you, all you aliens; we are all grateful
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yes, a bot would could answer coding questions so precise would be really impressive

Maybe its possible, you could analyze all the different answer from the forum and see if you can teach an IA to answer questions, but i doubt it (ignoring cost of development for a second, it would be expensive)

Staying patient can be tricky, you will learn with time. Its a good practice for your patient, learning how to explain. Sometimes things look so obvious for me, and i just can’t understand how students don’t see it

> Processing question...
> False.  Beep boop

Not just human, super-human. :wink:

> A series of audible clicks and beeps can be heard
> jacobsandersen shuts down due to overheating

I thought so given the way they deal with us mortals on here

Hmm, just wondered how often they are fed class A ice cream given their cool heads

Those of us on the bottom rung could not agree more

As a teacher at some point in my life, I now perceive students (of all ages) differently since being on this course. Lots of apologies to all those students who got me cross… I think the word is over reacting.

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