Moderators - Please reset my progress


This noon, I got to the ‘advanced topics in Python’ section. However it was under construction, but now it works again, but my progress is set to 100% while I haven’t actually filled anything in yet.
I wanted to ask if it was possible to reset my progress and delete all the right code so I actually can learn something.

Thanks in advance.


It is possible to reset your progress

Click the Reset button!


We can’t, moderators only have additional forum privileges. You will need to contact support.

what copeland suggest reset the whole course, just navigate to first exercise of advanced topic, and press reset there (beside run button)


Oh I thought he want to reset the whole course, but yeah. You can reset each individual lesson in advanced topic like @stetim94 said.


Well, it are 18 lessons so it will take some effort but thanks


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