Modal windows in Codecademy CSS-courses

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if “modal windows” are treated somewhere in the CSS courses of Codecademy and if yes, where! Anyone knows the answer?



Hi Stefano,
I haven’t done all the CSS content on Codecademy, but quite a lot. I didn’t come across modal windows, and I don’t expect I will. What kind of content would you expect in such a course?

Hallo Mirja, I’ve also done the most of the CSS content in Codecademy: I havn’t done just the extra content of the front-end-path that you can’t find in the full-stack path. I use Codecademy as my main thread of my learning journey but I also use other courses, like the ones at Udemy and so on, but I try to relate, since I took a bunch of notes, of where the same topic has been treated in the full-stack-path in Codecademy.

Recently I came across two times in “modal windows” that’s a pretty common tool in web-design and I wondered that as far as I can remember I never heard (i.e. read) the term in Codecademy.

Maybe you’re right that “modal windows” are a more wider and complex topic than just CSS, you need JS, you need EventListener and DOM manipulation. I was maybe linking it with CSS cause as far I understand now, you manage to let them show and disappear editing the css-classes, that’s basically what we did in this unity DOM Events with Javascript.

Maybe my question could be reformulated if there is any lesson in any HTML-CSS-JS related course where modal windows are taught.

Maybe it helps to have a look at how Bootstrap implements modal windows. I’d say it’s basically all about positioning and transitions: The content is often part of the page already and you just set it to display: block on click. Usually, you would have a separate layer with a semi-transparent overlay as well. So I guess there wouldn’t be very much to fill a CSS course with as you would find all you need in the other courses.

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