MLH Local Hack Day Event - Ongoing Until October 24th

What is LEARN DAY?

Learn Day is a global day-long conference that allows hackers from around the world to pick up new skills and show off how much you’ve learned on a leaderboard. Use the week leading up to attend workshops and talks, earn points, and secure swag for you and your community. We’ve separated each day with tracks to ensure there’s workshops that fit your interests. Make sure to tune in for the conference to hear from seasoned developers from companies such as GitHub, Microsoft, DataStax, and more.

I came across this event going on all of this week and I thought it would be something interesting to share! Looks like they are covering a lot of interesting topics and they go live on Twitch and other platforms like Zoom, so make sure you register for the events you are interested (I think it’s done through MLH’s site).

It looks like they are splitting up all the events in three phases:

So this is a great opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and probably collaborate with others online!

Link to LEARN: