Mkdir to make new directory on local computer

I am trying to create a directory. So first I type in - cd C:/Desktop/codecademy - the I type - mkdir excursion.

A folder name excursion should appear in codecademy folder but nothing appears.

can you tell me the process. Thanks.

The link to the project is as follows:

Excursion Project

Is it just a case of file explorer not updating? If you right-cliked and used refresh does it pop up then?
What about just using ls immediately afterwards?

Is this windows? What shell are you using? Can you use mkdir with the verbose flag on?

I’ve got it now. I had to move down the directory one at a time. so first I entered “pwd” > I was at “C:\Documents and Settings\user” > I moved to Desktop by entering “cd Desktop” > then I entered next directory “codecademy” > I then created a new directory inside codecademy by entering “mkdir excursion”.

So what I learnt is that you have to move up the link of directory one at a time. Thanks tgrtim.

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