Mixing codecademy with other tasks


In general, multitasking doesn't work for complex tasks like coding.

But I often find it useful to, say, spend 15 minutes coding, then 15 cleaning. So I never hit my head too much either way.

Mark Taimanov, a chess grandmaster and concert pianist, said "when I'm playing chess it's a vacation from concerts, and vice versa." And that quote has stuck with me.

It's ideal if we can pace ourselves this way, and I don't always, but it works well when I do.

Does anyone else do this, too? Or have any other tricks to keep things fresh?


This is a strategy that parents are especially happy to see. :wink:

It does actually work. Ultimately, you wind up with clean code as well as a clean room.

Many people find that going for a walk or devoting some time to another creative task helps with coding. It could be playing music, writing, doing photography, or creating art.