MixedMessages - Hilariously Rude Messages

Hey CodeCademy!

My name is Nick Edwards, and up until this point, I’m sad to say I haven’t engaged with the community as much as I should! That said, here I am trying to change that.

The messages I created are meant to seem either funny or rude. Of course, I wouldn’t consider these to be appropriate things to say to another, but they’re good for a chuckle or two :laughing:

I kept my approach here pretty simple and made sure to describe the steps I took as well. I thought this project was fairly easy, but it gave me a lot of opportunities to use version control with GitHub and for that, I’m really thankful as I feel more confident in my git abilities!

The link to my repo is here:

Happy Coding!




And congrats on completing the Mixed Messages project! Who doesn’t love a funny insult generator?

I hope you’ll continue to share your progress with us. =)

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I love how you documented your process! Your markdown looks appealing and I want to improve in that aspect.

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Thank you! And I’ll be sure to!

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! Where are you in your learning journey?

Just finished the html table section in the fullstack course. Where you at man?

I actually just started the HTML tables section! About 14% complete.