MixedMessages - Anything to Eat?

Hi Codecademy!

Thanks for taking a look at my random food generator project. I almost always have random ingredients but can’t seem to think of a dish to make. First attempt to change my diet using code (with just a dash of randomness to even things out).

  • Project is not difficult at all. Main purpose is to incorporate a lot of what we’ve learned so far and to push you off the Codecademy “coding” platform and onto your own local machine + Github. Practice makes perfect.
  • Took me a good chunk of the day (majority of time spent brainstorming + and researching even more about the Github way)
  • Here you go: Anything to Eat?

Bon Appetit!

This is a great idea for when you can’t decide what to eat, i will be using your program when I’m bored. Everything is perfect.

Couldnt think of anything creative, lmao.