mixedMeassages - Word of the day

So this wasn’t too hard I found it relatively easy to put together. Not sure I have exactly the correct solution, but as it was fairly open to interpretation I am pretty happy with it.

The hard part from my perspective was actually the commit messages. I am sure that on larger projects it will become more obvious what should be committed and how the message should be written, but this wasn’t so easy.

Well here it is.

I have aimed to create a word a day type message. I grabbed a few words and definitions and they get printed to the console randomly each time the program is run. I thought it might be possible eventually to find an api to an actual dictionary and then it would have a complete selection of words, but for know your vocabulary will be quite limited. Only 6 words. :slight_smile:

Love to get some feedback from anyone who is currently working through this project?

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Good job @modern-codemster!

I like how it is all within an object and that you can add new words and definitions to it.

For me, the GitHub part was more challenging than the project itself. :smiley:

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