Mixed Randomized Inspirational Messages: With interesting lines of code that can be used on day to day tasks

Greetings everyone!

I would like to share my experience in regards to this portfolio project. I found the project in itself a bit complex (not to complex though), but that was before I even had started putting my mind and soul into it, I had just read the project goal.

The Kanban concept helped me to achieve the end of my project in a much easier way, it was a concept I was already aware of, but it made me realize that utilizing this methodology helps us develop our projects in a much more structured way.

The core part of the project in itself took me about 1 hour to complete, which related to randomizing a single sentence from an array. It took me 2 to 3 hours to complete the full project. The reason why it took me this time is because I used the opportunity to solidify my knowledge in git, creating and managing multiple branches. I also used the opportunity to fully comment the project and to add a very interesting line of code that creates a spacer of the length of whatever string my program outputs.

I hope you guys find it cool and that it may help the ones coming before or after me. Stay strong!

TL:DR gud project, seemed hard, but easier than i thought, took me a while cuz i wanted to practice git branches and other stuff, fanks, kthxbye

Hi @rikkarth thank you for sharing! I love the inspirational messages theme. I took a look at your code and would love to give some constructive feedback. I also struggled with being comfortable with git and branching when I did this project.

I tested your code a bit and it outputs 4 randomized sentences instead of three! This is because you log the first random phrase outside of your for loop. I’m wondering if for simplicity’s sake, it would be worth it to put all of your ‘message logging’ inside the loop. I love the ‘=’ separators you have included, it really makes the output look sleek.

I’m not sure how others may feel about this, but the notes you have left within the code made it a bit hard to read for me. I think a few separators with the equal sign could be nice to break up big, important sections, but I do feel your code could be more succinct with a few less.

I really enjoyed looking over your code, and I’m really impressed by the output including the appropriately lengthed underline/overline. Keep up the great work and let me know if you’d like to collaborate on some of the peer-coding or group projects! :slight_smile:


Hey @jessescheinbart17574 and thank you for your feedback, I’m very happy with the feedback you’ve provided.

I’ve changed my code in a way that it doesn’t all seem bloated. I can really understand now that I went a little bit overboard with the commenting thing. :joy:

The reason why the output has 4 sentences instead of 3, like you said, it was initially intended, but I now aknowledge that it doesn’t make sense.

Thank you again for the very very good feedback you’ve provided. You’ll find the repo now updated on the same link above.

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