Mixed Music - Random recommended songs


This project took me about an hour and a half to complete. It is made entirely with JavaScript and I used node to test the functions.
I used VS Code as a text editor and GitHub to upload my repository.

I started by creating a function to generate a random index for an array, and an object containing artists with their respective songs.

Then I created the functions to choose a random artist from the ‘music’ object, after having the random artist a function to choose a random song takes the artist and returns the song.

Without further ado, I attach the link to my project and look forward to receiving your comments and criticisms. You can also follow me on github. ty.

pd: I have advanced Full Stack Engineer path to 23%.
I’m peruvian, and I’m looking for partners to study or do projects together. I speak Spanish and a little English. If you want to join me you can leave me a message in a comment to be in contact.