Mixed Messages

I’ve been scratching my head out for 2 weeks trying to sort out this project, when I came to the forums I realised most people were just making it so it worked if you just ran it locally. I’ve been trying to build a website! Anyhow after 2 weeks of coding with my coding buddy and a lot of hair ripped out; I present to you my github website for random dad jokes!

The GitHub Pages Url (dont interact with the url on the top because it glitches out and sends you to a 404 page): Dad Joke Generator

The Github Repo: GitHub - pizza-boy101/mixedmsg: A project for the Full-Stack course in Codecademy. Helped by coding part'ner KlaasNiphaas

If there is anything I can add to the css or to the html please tell me! It would be great to improve my web building skills even though I probably wasn’t supposed to go this far…

Something to add is if you leave the website for a bit without pressing the button it redirects you to a 404 page even if you don’t interact with the link. If someone could help me that would be awesome!

Edit: Someone helped me out on the discord server so kudos to them <3