Mixed Messages! Your astrological predicction for the week πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

##Hello Everyone!
First project I’m posting for you to review.
Come right in and discover what fortunes the the universe and the stars will bring you this week.
And if you don’t like it, give me feedback so I can get better at it :man_dancing:!

Link to GitHub : GitHub - DigitalDream23/MixedMessages: Code Cademy's Mixed Messages Project
Give it a try below!

// These four arrays can be combined in any which way to get a prediction for the week and more can easily be added to // any of the categories. const intro = ['Your moon in Scorpio ', 'Your sun in Taurus ', 'Your ascendant in Gemini ', 'The new cycle of the moon ', 'Your seventh house in Leo ', 'Mercury retrograde ', ]; const secondSection = ['is creating some conflicts and difficulties with your partner; try having an open and honest conversation about the elephant in the room.', 'brings you new opportunities at work. Your should wait for the right moment to ask for a raise.', 'is creating some internal confusion as to what to do next.', 'in conjunction with Mars in Pieces, signals death and rebirth.', 'is giving you a clear message that you should stay away from people of Aquarius.', 'could bring some turbulences to your finances in the foreseeable future.']; const thirdSection = [' Keep your eyes open as Neptune in Sagittarius brings the wisdom needed to navigate the events ahead', ' Beware of foes posing as friends who seek to undermine you', ' It is imperative that you stay open to what the wind brings to your door, as there might be some unexpected events unfolding', ' Trust that the in everything that you have learned thus far and the tools you have acquired', ' Be mindful of your health and your energy', ' Remember that it is always darkest before dawn']; const final = [ ' and don’t forget that there are always those who you can reach out to for help in times of need.', ' and try to keep a positive outlook on things as that is already the battle half won.', ' and be grateful for what you DO have as things could always be much worse.', ' and make and effort to help others as much as you can for life will always return it tenfold.']; // Created a single function that returns a item from an array at random. const randomArray = (array)=>{ let randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random()* array.length); return array[randomIndex]; } // Combines all four array categories into one coherent prediction for the user let mixedMessage = `The message from the stars for you during this week is: ${randomArray(intro)}${randomArray(secondSection)}${randomArray(thirdSection)}${randomArray(final)}`; console.log(mixedMessage);