Mixed Messages - Writing Prompt Generator

I had a lot of fun working on this project! It wasn’t overly difficult, and it was open enough to allow me to add ways to make it more challenging for myself, which I appreciated. I didn’t do it all in one sitting, but I think it probably took about two hours in total, including coming up with a fun idea.
I created a writing prompt generator that chooses a genre and briefly describes a protagonist and central conflict for a story.

I would love any feedback! The repo is here: https://github.com/orngepeel/writing-prompt-generator
and the live preview is here: https://orngepeel.github.io/writing-prompt-generator/


So fun! Thanks for sharing @orngepeel, and welcome to the community!! :tada:

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Hey @orngepeel, welcome to the Community and congrats on completing the Mixed Messages Portfolio Project! I work on the Curriculum team here at Codecademy and helped design this project so it’s really awesome to see what you’ve done with it. In fact, I’ve shared it widely with the internal Curriculum and Product teams and we all had a really fun time trying it out and seeing the different outcomes! I mean:

Write a Horror story where a very tall woman who hates the color red struggles with the epic highs and lows of high school football.

In addition to the ways it made me laugh, I thought it was great that you used your knowledge of web development to turn this into a fun, single-serving web page! I appreciated the multiple interactions (clicking the button or using the space bar to generate a new prompt), and the styling is nice and clean, very readable. Awesome job!


I posted this two years ago, wow! A lot has happened since then. I’m currently working towards getting a second degree in Computer Science, and I’m on track to graduate in June 2023!
I’ve recently been going through some of my old projects to improve them with things I’ve learned since I first made them, and to make them a bit more resume-worthy.
I’ve updated this project to a fullstack application. Elements of the writing prompts are stored in a cluster on MongoDB, the backend server uses Express and is hosted on Heroku, and the frontend is made with React! I also added a favicon, which I neglected the first time around.
It does look the same, but feel free to check it out!

Github repo: GitHub - orngepeel/writing-prompts-v2

Live preview: Writing Prompt Generator