Mixed Messages - Workout Song Mix

Hi, here’s my crack at Mixed Messages. For this I decided to create a workout mix from three sets of songs - warmup, main and cooldown. The javascript was not too difficult, but I needed to add a helper function to make sure that I got UNIQUE songs from each set of songs (since I let the user specify more than just one).

I stored the song data in a YAML file. YAML itself is a really easy, user-readable format that that javascript can read into an object. However I did have to Google around a bit to figure out how to install what I needed (Node-js file system, YAML itself). I also ran into some issues with Visual Studio Code and github because the latter has changed branch terminology from “master” (which is used in some of the Codecademy documentation) to “main”.

In any event, besides the setup and configuration, the javascript code itself was fairly straightforward. In all I probably spent three or four hours (again, mostly on configuring my laptop) over a couple days.

I welcome your feedback. In particular, I suspect that I could have written the helper function in a much more concise way.

Repo link: GitHub - nickpatsiopoulos/MMessages