Mixed Messages - Where do I start?


I wondered if anyone knew of a way I could begin this project? There is no video to follow- I am struggling with the basic steps- to create a JS file, run that through Node and set up versioning. Has anyone done a video of this?

This project is not hard. You just need basic methods to achieve, like Math.random( ).

You should set up your VS Code and create a JavaScript file. For example, you can name it like message.js. With the extension .js, you are able to create a JavaScript file on VS Code.

More on setting up VS Code →

More on Node here →

How to set up versioning which is Git here →

Thanks @eugenegoh - I will have a try again tonight –

@eugenegoh How do I connect the coded Javascript file to .node?

I have done the code in a JS file, tested in node and uploaded to github- but I am having an issue setting it up with version control. Can you help??

Node is a place where you run JavaScript file.

Can you elaborate more?

Yes- here is what I have done: https://github.com/RobertDVarley/MixedMessages.git

I tested the code through Node and that worked- then I made the repository on GitHub, but I had issues connecting it to the local file by push and so the code is now only visible on GitHub as I uploaded it manually. Can you think of a way for me to solve the versioning (would you agree that the versioning is the sole remaining issue I have)?

Can you elaborate more on what issue connecting it to the local file? Feel free to snap a picture of it. It would be more concise.

@eugenegoh I managed to push the files and I can make commits via either GitHub or in VSC, here: GitHub - RobertDVarley/Mixed-Messages

What do you think of the new work?

Amazing work congrats!

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