Mixed messages - trobas

I wrote a silly program that should simulate a duel between “trobadores antioqueños”.

A troba is composed of four verses with some rhyme. In the duel, the last verse of the opponent should be your first verse (changing “you” by “me” etc). It can get pretty aggressive as insults are allowed.

The trobas are in Spanish, though the code is documented in English. So anyone can review it.

My trobas are not very good. So feel free to recommend new ones.

It should run on most versions of Node.

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?

This was an easy straightforward application of JavaScript concepts. The hard part was figuring out how to get user input.

  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete

It took a couple of hours to complete. It could still be greatly improved by adding better verses.

  • The link to your code repo



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