Mixed Messages: Song Structure Generator


Looking over some of the projects here, I feel like I took this too far :upside_down_face:

However, not to be discouraged, I will post it anyway…

So I switched up the mixed messages project by making it randomly generate a song structure element. i.e. chorus, verse, solo. to give you a basis to then write your own song too. With each element I made it randomly choose how many of that you should have in the song, and then to push myself further, I added some user input, to define how many instances of an element should appear.

It’s just to have a bit of fun with really :slight_smile:

It was tough but I’m happy I got there! Took about 2 days? The longest part was trying to validate and restrict the output against the loop!

The CSS is not done, but it does play out on a GitPage.

Here is the code on github

(Please see Foodie Fortune for a Mixed Message more in keeping with the project outline…