Mixed Messages - Skyrim Random Character Builder

Hi everyone!

Really enjoyed this project, felt it was a good way to practice a lot of the things that have been covered so far! It took me more time to decide on a topic than to complete the project, but it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Here is a link to the repo for the project: Mixed Messages

I have played Skyrim quite a bit and often come back to pick it up again so this project helps come up with new fun/challenging character builds to try out.
There are plans to make an interactive website version for the project as well, but I need to refresh a bit on CSS and HTML before I can make it work the way I want.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the course as much as I am!
Happy Coding!

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Nice use of the TOC in the README markdown. I must have missed that! Skyrim is incredible and its replayability is incredible. Have you played the 10th Year Anniversary edition yet?

Thanks! Yeah I’ve played with it a little bit but I typically play the original version with quite a few mods, that way the game becomes kind of like my own engine to build the game I wanna play at the time.