Mixed Messages Simple

Mixed Messages Project

This is my solution to the Mixed Messages portfolio project.

A few things to know about this code

  • I tried to keep it simple
  • I am in the back-end course on codecademy and this is my first attempt at JavaScript

Please let me know how I did and any place I might have missed something.

it looks pretty good, i would probably in order to reduce lines of code,
Your code:
const chooseAnimal = (arr) => {
let randNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * 9);
let userAnimal = arr[randNum];

//console.log(${greeting} ${userAnimal});

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Thank you! That was a great suggestion, never occurred to me to write it that way.

Also if anyone can edit this to where there is a button you can click to run this program with HTML I would be interested in seeing how that is done. Thx

Here is the repository for my version GitHub - Velarde78/message_generator and th link for the page as it would work, feel free to take a look at the code, how to make a button interactive you will learn it in the upcoming lessons about the DOM, Random Message hope this was helpful

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Very helpful! I appreciate it so much!