Mixed Messages - Random Song Verses

My mixed Messages project.

I made a webpage of it - I didn’t make any effort to make it responsive though so it could be off a bit (or a lot) on some phones.

The script works, so…

I did this twice.
The first time I used a switch statement.
When I finished I realized what I had really done was more or less the Magic Eight Ball project from a few lessons back.

So I did it again using a string.
Which was easy enough that when I finished it I felt kind of lazy but I wasn’t going to do it a third time.

It’s pretty simple code.
I did not do anything complicated & in fact probably wrote about the simplest code possible for something like this.

I noticed others had completed their projects to also generate song verses & I liked that idea.
I choose some verses from songs I like to play on the banjo.


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