Mixed Messages - Random Movie Phrase

Hey Everyone!

Overall I moved on from this project even though I was not really satisfied with the outcome. The text that comes together is not coherent in any way at all.

The general build-out of it seems fine. I need to change the start, middle, and end phases.
I added some extra functionality like the ability to export to a text file (at folder location) with the parameter of true, or you can get your normal console.log output with a false parameter.

I originally planned my project around this diagram I created.
Lucid App Random Message Generator Diagram

Here Is the GitHub → RandomMessageGeneratorProject-GitHub

Or, if you want to look at the code, I will include it below.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Learning, everyone!!

// import { saveAs } from './FileSaver';
const saveAs = require("fs")

// Object containing all Phrases
const randomQuotes = {
  startPhrase: [
    "If you let my daughter go now,",
    "In the first place",
    "As a matter of fact",
    "In the light of",
    "In reality",
    "In the event that",
  middlePhrase: [
    "not only ... but also",
    "in addition",
    "coupled with",
    "together with",
    "by the same token",
  endPhrase: [
    "May the Force be with you.", // Star wars
    "There's no place like home.", // The Wizard of Oz
    "I'm the king of the world!", // Titanic
    "It's alive! It's alive!", // Frankenstein
    "I'll be back.", // The Terminator
    "You're gonna need a bigger boat.", // Jaws
    "My precious.", // Lord of the Rings
    "we have a problem.", // Apollo 13
    "There's no crying in baseball!", // A League of Their Own

// Randomize Phrase Function
const randomizeQuote = (array) => {
  return array[Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length)];

// Random phrase container variable
let randomSentence = `${randomizeQuote(randomQuotes.startPhrase)} ${randomizeQuote(randomQuotes.middlePhrase)} ${randomizeQuote(randomQuotes.endPhrase)}`

// Export to console or to text file at script location
const exportQuote = (wantsFile) => {
  if (wantsFile == false){
  } else if (wantsFile == true) {
    saveAs.writeFile(`randomSentenceOutput.txt`, randomSentence, (err) => {  
      // In case of a error throw err.
      if (err) throw err;