Mixed Messages - Random Movie Idea

Hello everyone,

Here is my attempt at mixed message project. It generates a random movie name, genre and quote. Which you can use it to make into your movie.
I found the project to be fairly easy, it took me about an hour to create it.

Here is the link to my repository: https://github.com/Swanem24/Mixed-Message

// An Array of quotes for movie const quote = [ "Five more years and I will be done with all this, you hear me?", "My dream is so ridiculous that even my mum laughed when I told her about it", "This world is unfair so I am not suprised when the bad guy wins.", "You leave me no choice, I have to initiate plan B", "Hear me out, these aliens are friendly. Its the goverment trying to make them look like the bad guys." ]; // An array of movie name const titleName = [ "Boolean", "20 days till easter", "Passed out", "Executioner's blade", "Happy Case" ]; // An array of genre for movie or tv series name const titleGenre = [ "Action", "Thriller", "Adventure", "Sci-fi", "Comedy" ]; // A function for generating a random message function generateMessage() { // Assigning random quote, title name and title genre let rQuote = quote[Math.floor(Math.random() * 5)]; let rTitleName = titleName[Math.floor(Math.random() * 5)]; let rTitleGenre = titleGenre[Math.floor(Math.random() * 5)]; console.log(`Here is an idea for your movie. Your movie name should be called ${rTitleName}, the genre should be ${rTitleGenre} and in your movie you should make "${rQuote}" your movie's iconic line`); } generateMessage();