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Hello there. This project was a little struggling for me. I had never had troubles connecting a JS function with a HTML element, but I spent a lot of hours trying to pass in a function to the onclick attribute of a HTML button element. It was frustrating! However, I found a hint at StackOverFlow’s entry that, although it’ wasn’t exactly my issue, helped to solve my trouble (but I have to understand why yet).

This project took me around to 6 six hours, but the most time spent searching for a solution for my function-not-defined issue.

This is the link to my code repo. And this is the link to the deployed page.

I’ll appreciate so much your feedback. Thank you for reading this far.


wow Gonzalo, this is really good! Well done! I like that you built an interface, don’t know how to do that yet!

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Hello Gonzalo.
Nice work! Looks very profesional.
Congrats man

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Thanks, dude. I tried to make it readable, but I think it can be better.