Mixed Messages - Random Motivational Messages

Hello, world!

I have just finished my Portfolio Project - “Mixed Messages” for Codecademy’s Full-stack Career Path! It was a very challenging project, especially because of the Git control use.

Basically, I created:

  • A script.js file that had 3 arrays containing a motivational message’s subject, verb, and object. After that, I created a function getRandomMessage() to use the Math built-in methods in each array to randomly return the messages.

  • Finally, a console.log(getRandomMessage()) statement was added and apparently, everything is working out as expected.


You can find my code in the GitHub repository: GitHub - rafaelfalleiros/messageGenerator: A repository created for the Codecademy's Portfolio project. It contains a motivational message generator written in JavaScript..


If you can check my code and provide useful comments for its improvement, I will be immensely glad. For instance, I was considering creating a prompt-driven code so that the user could type its message, and maybe the program would create random messages with it by mixing the prompted message with the messages in the arrays, but that’s above my abilities for now. Thank you very much!